The Business Gist Season 3 Podcast Line Up

Megan Effertz
December 30, 2020

All the Business Gist podcast episodes in season 3 feature entrepreneurs and business leaders on what they were doing to pivot in a pandemic. Many of their mantras and business advice is sage wisdom for every day business strategy.

The Business Gist Season 3 Podcast Line Up – Pivoting in a Pandemic

Episode 1: Teresa Kenney, Founder Village Books shares what it is like to launch an independent bookstore right when a global pandemic hits and shuts businesses down.

Episode 2: Kristen Brown, Founder of Kristen Brown Presents shares what it is like to shift from a thriving on stage speaking business to hosting virtual motivation sessions for global corporations. She also shares ideas on how to keep employees engaged when working remote among other things.

Episode 3: Tom Goodmanson, CEO, Calabrio was ahead of other US businesses responding to the pandemic as his call centers around the globe were experiencing it first. He shares what it is like to be a global leader in a global pandemic with global customers all feeling the wave at a different time.

Episode 4: Ruth Richardson, CEO, Wayside Recovery Center gives us a look inside of what it is like to work in a recovery center when the whole world goes into quarantine. Taking a high-stress environment and adding isolation to the mix she shares how her team is making things happen and caring for their patients.

Episode 5: Laura Best, Founder, Passion Collective recently launched her business and was just gaining momentum with adding Passionados to her membership when the pandemic canceled all live events. With networking and connection being at the core, Laura had to quickly pivot to keep her members engaged and give them a space to connect.

Episode 6: Kristin Gaarder, SVP, HR & Corporate Services at Amplifon opens up about leading a global team with retail locations across the world through a global pandemic while caring for customers with hearing loss in an already isolating world.

Episode 7: Megan Diamond, President & Partner, nParallel talks about leading a business rooted in global trade shows when all trade shows in the world come to a screeching halt. She opens up about making tough decisions to put people before profits and remain relevant during the unknown. Lessons from 2008 help them shift quickly and be ahead of the game.

Episode 8: Jim Wolford, CEO, Atomic Data a technology company that helps business think differently shares stories of how his team is helping customers think more different then they ever have before to stay relevant when the world is closed.

Episode 9: Samantha Hanson, Chief Administrative Officer, North Memorial Health talks about being a leader of a large health network and preparing for the consequences of a global pandemic. She shares how to connect with employees on the front line, care for them, and keep them engaged in a high-stress, no-win environment.





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