The Business Gist Season 2 Podcast Line Up

Megan Effertz
January 30, 2019

The Business Gist Season 2 Podcast Line Up

Episode 1: Mary Nutting Owner and CEO of CorTalent. Mary talks about women needing to ask for the sale in networking opportunities.

Episode 2: Lou Raiola, Founder of the Purpose Alliance & The Purpose Awards talks about the difference between cause marketing and purpose driven business. Learn how to create a true purpose driven business – hint it starts at the top.

Episode 3: Amalia Moreno-Damgaard, CEO at Amalia, LLC & WeMN.Org talks about the intersection of food and culture. Food creates experiences and bring back memories but is it important in the workplace? Amalia thinks so.

Episode 4: Greg Cunningham, SVP, Chief Diversity Officer at U.S. Bank talks about being your authentic self. He says the key is first knowing who you are and remembering who you want to be. Employers and leaders can help employees be their best self by creating an environment that makes it ok to be real.

Episode 5: Stacey Stratton, Owner and CEO of True Talent Group talks about doing the right thing and being authentic in the workplace. She launched True Talent Group 12 years ago in her basement because she didn’t want to look back and think “what if”.

Episode 6: Laura King, Community Builder and People Connector launched two new initiatives in 2018 – Marketer’s Community for marketers to grow, learn and network and Minneapolis Angels which is a foster care nonprofit created to help empower children and build sustainable foster homes. She talks about following your heart and taking a leap to do what you love.

Episode 7: Paul Owen is CEO at OneOme. OneOme helps people figure out what the right medications are for individuals based on personalized DNA testing. With adverse medication reactions being the 4th leading cause of death in the US it is important to get it right. Generally, only 50% of the medication prescribed is the right medication. Each year about 4.5 billion prescriptions are written. 21% of the US population has had 3 or more RX written in the last 30 days. That’s a lot of prescriptions that aren’t working effectively. This adds up quickly for employees and employers. Find out what you as a business owner can do to help drive down health care costs and absenteeism through personalized medication.

Episode 8: Jennifer Zick, CEO of Authentic Brand talks about the pace that marketing is changing and the challenges of hiring in today’s market. She also discusses how now is a great time to be in business but the importance of prepping for the next recession.

Episode 9: Sarah Edwards, CEO at I Am Sarah Edwards has a huge following on social media and she is focused on building brands and communities online. She’s an influencer, community builder and she’s got anxiety about being online all the time. Hear what she thinks about social media, anxiety, yelp reviews and so much more. This is a fun and unexpected conversation.

Episode 10: Jeff Mader was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer but it isn’t slowing him down. He’s active as  CIO at Sun Country Airlines which he describes as a 30-year old start-up. He’s using his challenge as a way to think differently about business and make positive influence. His recommendation is sharing about what’s going on with you at work and as a boss be understanding and know that not all days are going to be great days. Being supportive is the best help for employees facing their own challenges.

Episode 11: Dr. Craig Samitt, President & CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN and Stella talks about the health inequities and health disparities in MN and how this impacts employees and businesses and what leaders can do to fix it.





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