The Business Gist Season 3 Podcast Line Up

All the Business Gist podcast episodes in season 3 feature entrepreneurs and business leaders on what they were doing to pivot in a pandemic. Many of their mantras and business advice is sage wisdom for every day business strategy. The...

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Business Gist Podcast

The Business Gist Season 2 Podcast Line Up

The Business Gist Season 2 Podcast Line Up Episode 1: Mary Nutting Owner and CEO of CorTalent. Mary talks about women needing to ask for the sale in networking opportunities. Episode 2: Lou Raiola, Founder of the Purpose Alliance &...

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The Business Gist Season 1 Podcast Line Up

The first season of the Business Gist Podcast focuses on the "human-side of the bottom line" covering a range of topics employers could think about to help employees and engagement but usually don't. THE BUSINESS GIST PODCAST SEASON 1...

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Financial Health

Comparison isn’t a catalyst

I started my morning by scrolling through social and got stuck in the comparison trap. I saw a post of a friend's friend who wrote a book. I found myself feeling envious and thinking about how much I wanted to write a book. OK, no...

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comparison isn't a catalyst

The ABCs of LinkedIn for Personal Branding

There are many social media platforms but only LinkedIn.exists for the primary purpose of business networking. It’s a powerful tool for marketing yourself and your business. If you’re not on the platform yet or you’ve let it go...

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Power of LinkedIn

How To Eliminate Distracting Busy Work

Busy work doesn't pay the bills is something I tell myself when I am staring at a to-do list of things that suck up time but doesn't grow my business. The hardest part of running a business or even working at one is eliminating the...

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Busy work to do list

Busy Doesn’t Pay The Bills

Have you ever noticed that the word business is close to busy-ness? If you’re not careful, your business could turn into busy-ness and busy doesn’t pay the bills. I’ve worked in a lot of different businesses, including mine, and the...

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Busy doesn't pay the bills

4 Tips To Survive Starting Up In A Pandemic

Someone once told me that I fear things that no one else fears and am unafraid of things that everyone else is afraid of. This, perhaps, explains why I’m staring up an independent bookstore in the midst of a pandemic. To be clear: I...

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The Critical Need For Employee Sleep Health

We all do it and we all need it. Yet we don’t often talk about it – or the impact it has on our professional and personal lives. In a world where more is often perceived as better, being tired has become yet another badge of honor to...

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Employee Sleep Health

The Power Of Empathy In The Workplace

In today’s fast-paced personal and professional lives, slowing down to embrace empathy has taken a backseat. By slowing down, we can actually speed up by better understanding others’ needs. Pause for a moment and ask yourself three...

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Recruitment Is An Investment In Your Business

Spending time doing recruitment right is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Recruitment is one of the eight key components to a solid Talent Management Program. The last few years recruiting was incredibly...

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8 Key Components To Talent Management

You’ve hired people, you’ve got teams, business is growing. Now it’s time to create a formal Talent Management program for your business to retain employees and get the most engagement and productivity from them. Talent Management...

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Talent Management