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How To Eliminate Distracting Busy Work

Busy work doesn't pay the bills is something I tell myself when I am staring at a to-do list of things that suck up time but doesn't grow my business. The hardest part of running a business or even working at one is eliminating the...

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Busy work to do list

Busy Doesn’t Pay The Bills

Have you ever noticed that the word business is close to busy-ness? If you’re not careful, your business could turn into busy-ness and busy doesn’t pay the bills. I’ve worked in a lot of different businesses, including mine, and the...

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Busy doesn't pay the bills

5 Reasons To Cut Your Marketing Budget

I had spent my entire corporate career fighting for my marketing budget. Then I became a President of a strategic marketing agency. After working with clients,  I realized some companies should cut their marketing budgets. Seems...

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Marketing Budget

Should Your Intern Run Your Social Media?

Who runs your social media? I frequently have people tell me their nephew, neighbor’s kid or their intern is running their social media. I get the appeal. These kids have grown up on social media. They are experts at all of the social...

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Social media intern

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