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The ABCs of LinkedIn for Personal Branding

There are many social media platforms but only LinkedIn.exists for the primary purpose of business networking. It’s a powerful tool for marketing yourself and your business. If you’re not on the platform yet or you’ve let it go...

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Power of LinkedIn

The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

I was a guest panelist speaking about entrepreneurship looking out into a sparse crowd. The crowd we were expecting didn’t show. Could have been the wintery MN drive that morning or late start to school that kept the women...

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Should Your Intern Run Your Social Media?

Who runs your social media? I frequently have people tell me their nephew, neighbor’s kid or their intern is running their social media. I get the appeal. These kids have grown up on social media. They are experts at all of the social...

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Social media intern

Podcast: Sarah Edwards on Social Media & Anxiety

Sarah Edwards, CEO at I Am Sarah Edwards has a huge following on social media and she is focused on building brands and communities online. She’s an influencer, community builder and she’s got anxiety about being online all the time....

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social media anxiety

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