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Cash Flow Statements Overview

Cash Flow Statements are one of three key financial statements entrepreneurs need to review on a regular basis. Reviewing these statements help entrepreneurs to understand the health of their business. The statement measures how well a...

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Cash Flow

Balance Sheet Overview

The Balance Sheet, in its simplest terms, is a snapshot showing what a company owns and what a company owes during a specific period of time. It captures the assets and liabilities of a company and allows creditors to quickly know what...

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Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Statement Overview

A Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement is also known as an Income Statement. It shows you how much money came in and went out in a certain period of time. Comparing those numbers shows you what your net income is, hence the term...

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Profit & Loss Statement

Financial Statements Entrepreneurs Needs To Know

Financial Statements are key to understanding the financial health of your business. As an executive, I reviewed financial statements and managed budgets but I did it from a non-financial manager perspective, watching revenue numbers...

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Financial Statements

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