Podcast: Supporting Employees During Bereavement – Kristen Brown, Founder Kristen Brown Presents

Megan Effertz
November 9, 2018

Death is a taboo subject in society and especially at work, but talking about it and understanding what people need could help employees as they move through their grief. Bereavement costs businesses $100 billion annually due to complex policies and not knowing how to help employees when they come back to work.

Kristen Brown, CEO & Founder of Kristen Brown Presents, lost her husband nearly 12 years ago. In this podcast, she reflects on her experience with bereavement when she returned to her workplace.  Kristen shares how co-workers, employers and even friends can show up when someone they know loses a person close to them and support them when they come back to work.

Listen to the podcast on bereavement now.


She also talks about ideas businesses can implement to proactively to care for employees in case of loss. From life insurance to annual bereavement training for employees, she has some inspiring ideas that are easy to implement. Learn from her tragic experience how to show up better for employees during a time of loss.

Watch a clip of the podcast.

Ideas from the podcast:

  • Estate planning
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible time off
  • Training on how to talk to employees experiencing loss
  • Acknowledging everyone moves through grief differently





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