Podcast: Running a Recovery Center In Quarantine With Ruth Richardson, CEO Wayside Recovery Center

Megan Effertz
June 6, 2020

Ruth Richardson, CEO, Wayside Recovery Center gives us a look inside of what it is like to work in a recovery center when the whole world goes into quarantine. Taking a high-stress environment and adding isolation to the mix she shares how her team is making things happen and caring for their clients.

Company: Wayside Recovery Center

Leader: Ruth Richardson, CEO

Website: https://waysiderecovery.org/

Business Status: 66-year legacy. Now helping 700+ women with challenges of addiction in a family-centric environment.

Business Lesson: Being inspired by how the staff has pulled together in the most difficult of circumstances. Staff are showing up every day, creating the most healing environment for everyone.

Business Mantra: When you are in tough situations, remember this too shall pass.

Business Advice: Be on the lookout for any resource that can be helpful for you or your business. There are so many resources, sometimes you have to look for them, and methodically turn over every stone.

Also, be in constant communication with your staff. Hearing silence can increase anxiety and the “what’s coming next.”.


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