5 Ways To Tell If Your Side Hustle Is A Second Job

Megan Effertz
October 8, 2020

What’s the difference between a side hustle and a second job? A side hustle is something you’re passionate about and hope to make your primary hustle in time while a second job is usually something you get to help pay the bills. How can you tell if your side hustle is a truly a hustle or simply a second job? Ask yourself these five questions.

1. Are you excited to do it?

If you said yes, it is likely a side hustle. Although some people love their second jobs most are doing it to pick up extra cash to pay the bills or save for a big purchase or trip. I admit, I once had a second job that I loved but I really was only doing it because I needed the money.

2. Is it yours or do you work for someone else?

Do you decide when you work and for how long and how much effort you put in? If it is all yours it’s probably safe to say it is a side hustle. If you have to work when someone else says you do and punch the clock it’s a second a job.

3. Are you investing in it or just getting money out of it?

If you’re investing your time resources and even money into it, it better be your hustle and not a second job. Second jobs pay you to work while side hustles sometimes require an investment on your part other than showing up for your shift.

4. Does it have opportunity to be your full-time gig?

Most people who have a side hustle are hoping that with enough effort and little bit of luck, it will evolve into their main hustle so they can quit their day job. If you’re working on something that never has the potential to grow, I’m sorry to say it is really just a second job.

5. If you stop spending time on it will it cease to exist?

Someone else can fill your shift and the business will continue with you. If you stop working at your side hustle it’ll probably come to screeching halt, and eventually cease to exist.

Both side hustles and second jobs take time and effort. If you’re looking for extra cash a second job might be the way to go – it’s steady, consistent, and predictable. A side hustle can be a boom or a bust. Side hustles should be something you’re willing to take a chance on and follow your entrepreneurial spirit. Side hustles should be purposeful.






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