Social media makes entrepreneurship look glamorous and easy. The truth is, it’s hard. Really hard. We’re here to strip done the struggles, successes, and lessons from real entrepreneurial journeys.  Join us as entrepreneurs bare their souls and share what it’s like to build and own their own businesses.


You’ll find real entrepreneur stories here you can relate to or be inspired by along with content that will help you solve the most common business ownership challenges. Our goal is to strip back the social media to expose what entrepreneurship really is every day.


Good marketing seems effortless but there is actually a lot of strategy behind it. Bad marketing you know immediately and you don’t want to be known for it. Learn how to do it right.

money & finance

Talking about money, especially business financials, is about as easy as sharing your darkest secret to a room full of people. Learn what you need to know about money to be comfortable with your business financials.